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the village

Palanques is located on the border between Castellón and Teruel, territorially delimiting Zorita del Maestrazgo, Forcall and Morella, in the province of Castellón. It is a small town of about 30 inhabitants, located, like a watchtower, on the slope of a cingle or inclined mountain, 675 meters high. It is on the banks of the Bergantes River, the main artery of the Els Ports region and whose influence throughout history has been decisive in the town. It seems that the name comes from some simple walkways that were built with stones and trunks by the residents of the town with the ability to cross the riverbed. These were called “levers”.

In the 13th century, Palanques was one of the towns conquered by the hosts of King Jaime I. It became Aldea de Morella and then Calle de Morella until all feudal rights were abolished in 1820 and Palanques was able to establish itself as own town hall.

Palanques shares many characteristics of mountain towns: quiet, simple, friendly, pictures and very noble people. It is a small town in the strict sense of the word, since it is one of the smallest in the Valencian Community with just over 14 square kilometers of municipal area, but in which we find spaces of great landscape importance. In addition to the Cingle, we must highlight the banks of the Bergantes, in which we find a great biodiversity. The Bergantes is also known as the river of the otters since it is home to the largest population in the Valencian territory. Among its mountains and steep ridges it is common to see wild goats and with luck in the clearings near the river some roe deer. Crossing the sky of Palanques it is very easy to discover the flight of dozens of griffon vultures and some Egyptian vultures. The landscape of Palanques is mountainous, except in the valley area, and the climate is cold in winter and mild in summer.


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