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Iglesia de Palanques


This church is an example of the eighteenth century, Baroque style. The remains of the small Gothic doorway of the old parish church, from the s. XIV.
The present parochial church is of baroque style and is constructed on that primitive one. Inside there are masonry altarpieces from the beginning of the 19th century, carved by the craftsman Ferrer from Mirambel.
The main altar is presided over by the Virgin of the Assumption. The saints San Abdón and San Senén defend her side. And to the right and left, there are the images of the Virgen del Pilar and a fresco Virgen de la Balma.
The patrons of Palanques are San Cosme and San Damián and co-patrons San Abdón and San Senén.


gothic door

The current church is built on a primitive , built by concession of the Bishop of Tortosa, D. Berenguer de Prats, on August 24, 1320, at the request of the 60 families of this population. This primitive church belonged to the so-called reconquest churches, typical of this northern area of Castellón.

Access was through this pointed arch door and it was much smaller in size. In the upper part of the door we can still see the hole where the bell was and two windows. Until here, a stairway arrived


These two cypresses are over a hundred years old and stand out for their large diameter and size. Precisely, that volume makes them visible both from the lower part of the town and from the upper part.
The cypresses are located in the area where the Fossar Vell of the town used to be. The Fossar Vell was the cemetery attached to the church. It is currently a meeting place for neighbors and neighbors and has been improved and adapted as a recreational area for boys and girls to play.


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