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PARTIEs and traditions

In January, fire is the protagonist in Palanques with the celebration of Sant Antoni. For a whole weekend, the town fills with people and atmosphere.Les coquetes are made, typical pasta of the festival, they go out to the mountain for the maio and the malea, the barrack is built and it is set on fire at night, accompanied by the Diablera. This festival of medieval origin is deeply rooted in Els Ports and is celebrated in almost all the towns.
Spring is the time for pilgrimages in this land. On April 25, the residents go to the Virgen de la Balma and on the Saturday following June 11, to the hermitage of San Bernabé.
In August the patron saint festivities arrive, in honor of San Cosme and San Damián. They are the time of most participation of the whole year.
In October, the festival of the Bureo and the Baile del Corro takes place, which brings together dozens of residents and visitors, who do not want to miss the representation of this typical dance of Palanques and the music of the participating rondallas, remembering how in the past the neighbors in the town and country houses to celebrate something important.
At Christmas, the neighbors get involved in making a large Nativity Scene, which is located inside the Church.

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