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PR-CV-245 Roca Tàlla


PR-CV-245 Roca Tàlla

Starting point: Levers
Altitude: 670m
Arrival point: Levers
Altitude: 670m
Accumulated slope: 544m
Difficulty: low
Total distance: 15,040 m.
Total Time: 4:33 a.m.

In the westernmost part of the term of Palanques, already bordering the Teruel municipality of Luco de Bordón, is the archaeological space known as the Roca Tallà.
It is a historical testimony that corresponds to the ancient Roman road between Aragon and Valencia and vice versa, very important since ancient times. From Lesera (at the Frares moleta from Forcall) the route continues up the Barranco de la Menadella, from where it would descend towards the Roca Tallada, the Pena del Carro and the Bergantes valley.
Its origin dates back to Roman times and coincides with the Roman road known as the Via Contrebia-Intibili, which is one of the itineraries from the east to the interior, which has more written and epigraphic news, especially by "The Anonymous of Ravenna".



This PR trail runs through a large part of the Palanques municipal district, with magnificent views of its natural surroundings. In the central part of the route, you can see some sections considered to be the remains of a Roman road cut into the same rock, known as La Roca Tallà. A little further on, you reach the Pico del Infierno, with impressive views of the Bergantes valley and the Ports mountains. Continue to Creu dels Espigolars, which connects with the PR-CV-246. From here we descend to the town, passing through the crossroads that takes us to the cave paintings of Cingle de Palanques.

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