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From here you can see part of the Bergantes river valley, the main artery that bathes the lands of the Els Ports region. This river is also known as the river of the otters since it is home to the largest population in the Valencian territory. It is the only river in the Valencian basin that belongs to the Ebro Hydrographic Basin, since it flows into the Guadalope River, which in turn carries its waters to the Ebro.
In these views, the riparian vegetation, the small orchards and semi-abandoned crops and the numerous aggregates provided by the river waters, used by a gravel pit, stand out. The long bridge over the Bergantes river and the Palanques molí are hidden from us by the slope.
In front of and on the other side of the Bergantes river we can see the Tossal Gros and the Juncosa ravine, from where the Hispanic goats come down to the Bergantes river to drink at dusk.
We can also contemplate, in the northern part of this viewpoint, the surroundings of the town of Zorita and in the background, the Sierra de San Marcos, with its high peaks at 1023 meters.




Watchtower from the area that was dismantled to build the bridge over the Bergantes River and whose gate was moved to Morella to be placed in the Ferrisa del Castillo gate la . It was located in the upper part of the cingle, to monitor the territory and communications. It was a rectangular tower, as can still be seen from the markings on the ground.


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